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About us

Established in 2018, CreationCube is a Shenzhen-based company in Guangdong Province, China, specializing in the production and distribution of various scented products and accessories. With a focus on providing exceptional quality and service, CreationCube aims to address the diverse customization needs of its clients and enhance the competitiveness of their brands.

Feature Items

International Fragrance Selection

Immerse yourself in a global collection of scented products, sourced from diverse regions, each offering a unique olfactory experience.

Wholesale Pricing

Enjoy exclusive wholesale pricing on our scented products, allowing you to stock up on premium products at competitive rates.

Bulk Ordering

Easily place bulk orders for large quantities of scented products, ideal for retailers, hospitality businesses, and event planners.


Customizable Packaging

Personalize your wholesale orders with custom packaging options, tailored to your brand’s identity and aesthetic.


Premium Quality Assurance

Our scented candles are crafted using the finest ingredients and adhere to strict quality standards, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Fast Global Shipping

Benefit from efficient shipping options that deliver your wholesale orders worldwide promptly, allowing you to meet demand and maximize profitability.



Confirming the fragrance and packaging is important for a unique product, but don’t worry if you forget – our colleagues are here to help. Good service sets the stage for a successful order.

Upon receiving the deposit and samples from customers, we can commence production within 5 days. Our streamlined approval process ensures quick and efficient processing, resulting in maximum time and cost savings for our valued customers.

We offer various shipping options to choose from. Air shipping is a speedy but expensive option, perfect for urgent orders that can be delivered within 7-10 days. On the other hand, sea shipping is the most economical choice but takes longer, with an estimated delivery time of 30-40 days.

In the unfortunate event of any damage or quality issues with your order, our service staff will help you apply for compensation. We pride ourselves on providing easily accessible, responsive, and passionate customer service, so you can be confident that we’ll do everything we can to ensure your satisfaction.

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